Made these myself,,I wasn't going to pay 300 to 500 bucks for a new shifter just to have a new shifter blind.

Not having a shifter blind is hazardous as small objects could fall inside the shifter mechanism.

This shifter blind hole can happen before or after the T-Handle,this item will repair both sides.

You will have to remove your center console and take apart half the shifter to replace this part,which is super easy.

You also need to clean any debris or sticky residue between the shifter and the blind or this blind will do the same thing as the original..it will break apart.

There were two different sizes of the shifter blind from Ford,,one is wider than the other,you are bidding on the wider size because you can always

trim it on the sides with a scissors to fit correctly,its not that hard to do.

ATTENTION!!!!!!.......After this fix it will not repair the PRNDL readout,,I mean its broken before the fix so why worry about it..

Depending on the year of your mustang the tools required are a T-20 torx and or Philips screwdriver and flat head,10mm socket and ratchet.

Video is uploaded on how to do this procedure yourself. Search Durme100 on you tube for the video.

05-09 Ford Mustang Shifter Blind Change - YouTube

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