Read Entire Auction Before Bidding

Read Entire Auction Before Bidding. Read TERMS and CONDITIONS. 
Read Before Bid!

This is a CASH SALE! Not for Payments!

No Minimum! No Reserve! High Bid Wins This Auction!

County Delinquent Tax Sale

1/2 AC Lot close to Lake, short drive to Disney, Florida

(see pics & county info for details)

0.5 AC Lot. County Rd 305

Close to Crescent Lake and Flagler Beach

Street View 



Short drive to Palm Coast! There are also many nice parks around, including North Peninsula State Park, Matanzas State Forest, Faver-Dykes State Park, Ormond Tomb State Park and Wadsworth Park.

North Peninsula State Park.

Faver-Dykes State Park.


There are many nice Golf Clubs nearby, including The Grand Club Cypress Course, Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club, Halifax Plantation Golf Club, Grand Haven Golf Club, 
Palm Harbor Golf Club!

Palm Harbor Golf Club.

The Grand Club Cypress Course.

Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club.

Real Estate Prices Nearby, according to Zillow. 

Located close to Palm Coast and Daytona Beach, just a short drive to Orlando and Disney World and NASA Space Center in Cape Canaveral!

Space Center. Cape Canaveral.

Disney World is just a short drive away!

Flagler Beach.

Palm Coast.

Beautiful Blue Water, Sandy Beaches, Everything is close by! 

Don't let this chance to slip away !

Be the Part of Paradise in Florida ! 

Welcome to Sunshine State!!!


Flagler County Florida Property Appraiser Parcel Information:


Approx. Property Address :

2128 Co Rd 305, Bunnell, FL 32110 


GPS Coordinates: 29.450944, -81.372397 


Owed Taxes : Over $ 1300 Due Upon Foreclosure




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  • The sophisticated foreclosure auction buyer (with a low level of effort required) will typically pay 60-85% of market value.

  • The sophisticated tax deed auction buyer (with a low level of effort required) will typically pay 10-65% of market value.

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You Will Be A 100% Satisfied With A Result!


You will receive all the Transfer Paperwork in just 3-4 business days after your payment is received!

Please Do Not Hesitate To Ask Any Questions Prior Bidding!

We’ll be happy to answer them and guide you through the foreclosure process!     

This is a County Delinquent Taxes Sale.

You bid on a lien (year 2016) that is secured by this parcel and may initiate the foreclosure process by applying a Tax Deed Application through the county at any time after 2 years have elapsed since April 1 of the year of the issuance of the lien and before the expiration of 7 years from the date of issuance in accordance with Florida Statute 197.502, Florida Statutes.
Grantee of Tax Deed entitled to immediate possession (Reference: Florida Statute 197.562)

Bid Early! The Seller reserves the right to close this listing at any time.

Serious Bidders Only! Non-Payment of Auction may result the Suspension of your eBay Account.

If You Have No or Low Feedback, Please contact me before bidding with a statement that you understand the auction item you’re bidding on and you place your bid accordingly.

Buyer is advised to do any and all due diligence before bidding.


The Transfer Documentation Fee of $195.00 will be added to your Final Bid Amount. The Total Payment is due within 4 business days.

The payment can be made by certified funds: Cashier's or Money Order Checks, Personal or Business checks.

The Document Transfer to Buyer from County takes about 2-4 weeks after payment clears.



Your bid is a binding contract to pay the amount of your bid if you are the winning bidder.
By bidding, you agree that you have:

a. Made ALL DUE DILIGENCE regarding the auction item and bidding accordingly; or

b. Waived your right(s) of doing your DUE DILIGENCE and are bidding at your own risk and on your own decision to do so;

c. Read and Agreed with current Terms and Conditions of this auction.

READ before you BID!

ASK ANY QUESTIONS NOW before you bid and buy!

We have listed all information accurately and to the best of our knowledge but you MUST do your OWN due diligence before you bid, NOT after the auction has closed.

IF you wait until AFTER you have won the auction to ask questions, we will NOT be responsible for your lack of due diligence!

All sales are final, no refunds will be given, unless the lien is redeemed during the transfer process. In this case, the seller reserves the rights to give a refund or substitute the item of similar value.

The $195.00 (non-refundable) documentation transfer fee will be added to the highest bid amount.

The auction starts at very low price, only $100! YOU set the winning bid amount in this auction.

The winning bidder MUST make a payment by certified funds as a Cashier's Check or Money Order(s), or Personal/Business Check. Payment due in four days after auction close.

If funds are not received within 4 days (unless you notify us to extend a payment due date), the winning bidder will be reported to eBay as a non-payer and/or have bidder’s eBay account being suspended and /or being responsible to pay any and/or all fees associated with posting this listing.

Please note that this auction is not a sale of the real property.

The winning bidder of this auction will receive a legal document, representing a first lien against the property (Florida Statutes 197.102 (3) and may foreclose and gain title to the property in accordance with The Florida Statutes 197.502 https://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0100-0199/0197/Sections/0197.502.html



Thank You and Happy Bidding! 
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