Lot of 800 stamps
400 stamps each in the following denominations.......8c,  and 10c

400 x 8c  =  $32.00
400 x 10c =   $40.00


Majority are comemmoratives in singles and pairs. packed in glassines of 100 each...... upon brief inspection it appears they are never hinged and largely sound; however,
due to the sheer volume of this lot and the fact that it is a resell of a collection, there may be some that have a hinge remnant or may have some flaws mixed in.

I will throw in some extra stamps totalling $5.00 face to account for possible scattered flaws to avoid any possible buyer issue; if the lot does not have much to be unhappy
about, consider the extra stamps as a bonus...................
Additionally, and; however, if the lot does not live up to your expectations in any way,
you can return it for a full refund plus return postage.....satisfaction guaranteed or return  it  no questions asked.

I have been a member of the APS (American Philatelic Society) for over 25 years and subscribe to their code of ethics in retail.