Gold Automotive Sheet Roll Sandpaper

Sticky (PSA) Back 2-3/4" x 30 Foot Roll

Compairs to 3-M & Norton

Direct Supply Sales

Professional Series Abrasives

Premium Gold Sheet Roll Long Board shop grade sandpaper

Long Board File Paper

You pick the Grit Size

80 180 220 320 400

Premium Gold Sandpaper gets the job done in a hurry. Fast, consistent, and long lasting it provides increased productivity. This will save you both time and money. Performance you can count on

Features of Premium Sandpaper:

1. Resist loading and clogging for a faster job

2. Abrasive scratch has a consistent pattern for a faster cut

3. Aluminum Oxide

4. Available in multiple grit to meet your needs

5. (PSA) Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

6.  30 foot adhesive roll allows you to use all of it without waste.